MRS Alligator 2S Pro Packraft

09/07/2017 2

I have recently purchased an MRS Alligator 2S Pro Packraft from the packrafting store in Germany. I’ve always wanted a boat, but given that most of my travels are by motorhome, and I neither want to tow anything or heave the booody thing up onto the roof, the boat had to be an inflatable. My original thought was a traditional inflatable kayak such as those sold by Advanced Elements. The setup time would be longer, it would be more troublesome Read More

Dometic 9 Series RML9335 RML9330 Fridge Catch Replacement

01/07/2017 6

Early models of Dometic’s 9-series fridges (Pic above) feature the ‘Click-Lock’ system where you push the door in a little to lock it for travel. Unfortunately, once locked, these fridges are very difficult to open – requiring an unnervingly sharp tug. The constant force eventually causes the door hinges to work loose and cracking of the plastic on the catch. In my case, no amount of fettling with the catch ‘receiver’ appeared to alleviate the issue. Dometic are well aware Read More

My Final Munro – Beinn Fhionnlaidh

03/06/2017 0

Sat 3rd June was the date for my Last Munro, wanting to do something different and being mildly odd, I decided that it was a hill best done while wearing a dress. I managed to recruit a total of 28 folks to do the hill with me, mostly members of the Ochils Mountaineering Club (Stirling). A couple of mates also came up from Lancashire for the walk. I decided to make the hut free and collect a few quid for Read More

Reiff Climbing and Frozen Shoulder (Adhesive Capsulitis)

29/04/2017 0

My shoulder had been giving causing me discomfort for sometime, but in April 2017, started to get much worse. Eventually, this prompted a visit to the doctors and a physio which confirmed frozen shoulder. Bugger! Frozen shoulder is where the tissue that surrounds the joint becomes inflamed gradually limiting movement. It can take months or even years to come right again. No one really knows what causes it, but it could be a trigger set up years before that gets Read More

Skiing at La Grave, France

15/03/2017 0

Hired a guide as a part of a group, and headed over to La Grave from Les Deux Alpes. La Grave is an off-piste haven with no marked pistes below the initial glacier runs. Given the lack of recent snowfall, the area was hard-packed with moguls rather than powder, but still great fun. We did the main 2 itineraries (crossing over part way down the second), down to P1 as not enough snow to ski to La Grave village. Never Read More

Skiing The Vallée Blanche Back To Chamomix

19/02/2013 0

Skiing down the Vallee Blanche, Chamonix, France 19/02/13. A 2800M drop over 17KM from the Aiguille du Midi to Chamonix town. We hired a guide, Stuart Macdonald of (recommended!)  

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