Reiff Climbing and Frozen Shoulder (Adhesive Capsulitis)

My shoulder had been giving causing me discomfort for sometime, but in April 2017, started to get much worse. Eventually, this prompted a visit to the doctors and a physio which confirmed frozen shoulder. Bugger! Frozen shoulder is where the tissue that surrounds the joint becomes inflamed gradually limiting movement. It can take months or even years to come right again.

No one really knows what causes it, but it could be a trigger set up years before that gets set-off later in life. In my case, I think it was going over the bars of my mountain bike 15 years previously and doing my shoulder/collar bone. Not broken, just extremely swollen. This fixed its self after a month or so and I thought no more of it. In March this year, I had a high speed shoulder-shoulder crash while skiing which set it off again, and it never really recovered from that. The shoulder appears to still be in the ‘freezing’ stage, and it won’t get any better until that is done. I am doing exercises to try and keep as much movement as possible, in the hope that this will lessen the time it needs to ‘thaw’.

I am a pretty irregular climber, and not very good, but I did manage to climb in one of my favourite spots at Reiff on the Coigach peninsular north of Ullapool in Scotland. It was with the Ochils Mountaineering Club, and we had a grand weekend climbing in the sunshine – April/ early May being about the only time we have had any sustained decent weather this ‘summer’!

There’s some pics of this below, and I doubt i’ll be adding anything else to this section until my bloody shoulder sorts its-self out!

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