Chinese Car Charger For DJI Mavic Air Drone

20/03/2018 0

UPDATE: I Have now used this for three weekends away to charge the Mavic Air’s batteries when away in my Motorhome. It works very well, charges 2 batteries from empty well within an hour, and their behavior (eg flight time) matches that when the stock mains charger is used. So, I wanted to be able to charge the batteries for my new DJI Mavic Air while away in my motorhome and also from a 12V battery pack when off grid. Read More

Packrafter/Hillwalker/Kayak/Canoe Radio Equipment for Emergency Assistance (Mobile, PLB, Tracker, VHF)

17/03/2018 0

Usual Disclaimer: I gathered this information off the Internet and assembled it into this article. I make no guarantees as to its accuracy or suitability to your situation! Introduction I have visited a number of locations in my Packraft where I have launched  into tidal or coastal waters. These include the Ardnamurchan, Uists, Harris Jura, and the waters off Argyll. I love visiting the Scottish islands, and there is limited scope for Packrafting without sticking your boat in the sea, Read More

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